Kalina Christoff is an Associate Professor in the Psychology Department and the Brain Research Centre at the University of British Columbia.

She completed her doctoral work at Stanford University with John D. E. Gabrieli, and her postdoctoral training at Cambridge, UK with Adrian M. Owen. Her work focuses on the neural and cognitive mechanisms of human thought, reasoning and memory, using functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI).

Her work on the functions of the anterior prefrontal cortex (PFC) has linked this part of the brain to the uniquely human mental processes of introspection and meta-awareness. Dr. Christoff’s most recent work focuses on examining spontaneous forms of thought, such as memories and thought streams occuring in the form of mind wandering. She is also interested in examining meditation-based thought phenomena such as mindfulness, and developing clinical applications for fMRI using real-time fMRI feedback to train modulation of activation in specific brain regions.


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Kieran is currently a PhD candidate in the Christoff lab. He researches the neural basis of meditation, mind wandering (spontaneous thought), and metacognition. During his undergraduate years his research focused on the memory sources of dreams and nightmares, specifically memories underlying the hypnagogic state. For his MA work at UBC, he worked on demonstrating better introspection in people who practice meditation. Recently, work with collaborators has shown strong links between dreaming and mind wandering, and explored facilitative interactions between mind wandering and metacognition. For his PhD he is continuing to explore mind wandering, metacognition, and meditation. Kieran's work is supported by an NSERC Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship and a Mind and Life Institute Varela Research Award.




• Ph.D Cognitive Neuroscience (candidate), University of British Columbia
• M.A. Cognitive Neuroscience, University of British Columbia (2012)
• B.A. Psychology (minors in Neuroscience and World Religion), McGill University (2008)

June 2016



Peter Sedlmeier, TU Chemnitz
Jess Andrews-Hanna, CU Boulder
Nathan Spreng, Cornell
Michael Lifshitz, McGill
Yoona Kang, U Penn
Alex Rauscher, UBC
Steve Heine, UBC
Rebecca Todd, UBC
Evan Thompson, UBC
Bill Domhoff, UC Santa Cruz
Liza Solomonova, U Montreal
Tore Nielsen, U Montreal
Richard Sears, MICS



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• "Dreaming as Mind Wandering" (September 2013) Talk at Vancouver General Hospital hosted by BrainTalks@UBC.