So you want to see your brain…
The Cognitive Neuroscience of Thought Lab conducts studies using UBC's 3 Tesla fMRI scanner. Each participant who is scanned will receive a high-resolution 3-Dimension structural image of their brain as well as standard forms of compensation (either course credit or cash). fMRI scanners use a high-power magnet to generate images of internal structures and, due to the intense magnetic field, participants must be screened for any type of metal that may be in their body. Instances are plates, screws, and implanted devices such as pacemakers. Metal fillings in teeth are not an issue though.

Current Studies
Currently the lab is working on a study of The Effect of Childbirth on the Mother, the study will involve multiple branches, with some participants being scanned and some only doing self report written tests


Please send us an email at, and including your contact information and the stage of pregnancy you are in (in weeks).


If your study requires you to show up at the MRI scanner facility, follow these directions to the scanner.

You will have to change into hospital clothes upon arriving for your appointment and remove any metal accessories (watches, jewelry, hair clips and bras with metal hooks).

You must remove ALL piercings, dentures, and removable bridges.

Please do not wear eye make-up.

Scented products (perfume, cologne, after shave, aromatherapy, hair spray, etc) may cause allergic reactions, including severe respiratory distress, in those with hypersensitivities. For the safety of our staff and other patients we ask that you do not apply any scented body products on the day of your appointment.

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