Kieran Fox



• Ph.D Cognitive Neuroscience, University of British Columbia (2016)
• M.A. Cognitive Neuroscience, University of British Columbia (2012)
• B.A. Psychology (minors in Neuroscience and World Religion), McGill University (2008)

• June 2016


• Peter SedlmeierTU Chemnitz
• Jess Andrews-HannaCU Boulder
• Nathan SprengCornell
• Michael LifshitzMcGill
• Yoona KangU Penn
• Alex RauscherUBC
• Steve HeineUBC
• Rebecca ToddUBC
• Evan ThompsonUBC
• Bill DomhoffUC Santa Cruz
• Liza SolomonovaU Montreal
• Tore NielsenU Montreal
• Richard SearsMICS


"Dreaming as Mind Wandering" (September 2013) Talk at Vancouver General Hospital hosted by BrainTalks@UBC.


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